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All Main Meals are served with Rice & Peas or Plain Rice. M&M's Mixed Salad & Coleslaw FREE with Main Meals ONLY. Ground Food an Extra £1.50
Take Away prices are indicated in square brackets.


Curried Mutton£6.20 [£5.80]
Minted Leg of Lamb£6.90 [£6.50]
Brown Stew Chicken£6.00 [£5.00]
Spicy Boneless Fish Fillet with Calaloo£7.00 [£6.50]
Fried Red Fish Escovitched£6.50 [£6.00]
Jerk Chicken£6.50 [£5.80]
Fried Chicken Leg£6.00 [£5.00]
Fried Chicken Breast£6.50 [£5.80]
Ackee & Saltfish£6.90 [£6.50]
Oxtail Stewed with Butter Beans£7.40 [£7.00]
Steak in Red Wine£8.00 [£7.00]
Jerk Chicken Breast £7.50 [£6.80]


Vegetable Salsa with Rice & Peas£5.50 [£5.00]
Vegetable Salsa Portion£2.50 [£2.00]
Calaloo Rice & Peas£5.50 [£5.00]
Calaloo Portion£2.50 [£2.00]
Spicy Fish Mega Bites£3.70 [£3.30]

XMAS MENU Discover our menu

Jerk Turkey Breast

With Jerk Sauce, mixed herb & sweetcorn stuffing, rice, peas and sweet potato, broccoli florets & baton carrot's. Warm & easy mince pies with rum cream. Available from Thursday 14th of December 2017

In : [£14.50] Out : [£12.50]
Side Orders

Side Orders Discover our menu


Fried Dumplings£0.50
Jerk Dumplings£0.60
Saltfish & Vegetable£1.40
M & M's Fried Rice per portion£3.50
Fried Rice with Main Meals an extra£1.50
Rice & Peas£3.00
Rice & Peas with Gravy£3.50
Chips served with Main Meals£1.20
Calaloo per portion£2.00
Fried Plaintain per portion£0.80
M & M's Mixed Salad per portion£1.00
Baked Sweet Potato (Pre-order)£2.00

Soups & Portions

All Large Soups£6.00 [£5.50]
All Small Soups£4.00 [£3.50]
Fried Chicken Drumsticks£1.20 [£1.00]
Fried Chicken Thighs£1.40 [£1.20]
Fried Red Fish Escovitched£4.00 [£3.50]
Fried Chicken Breast£2.80 [£2.50]
Jerk Chicken Portion£1.50 [£1.30]
Desserts & Drinks menu

Desserts & Drinks Discover our menu

Alcoholic Beverages served with Full Meal Only


Pineapple and Coconut£2.50 [£2.00]
Jam Sponge£2.50 [£2.00]
Apple Crumble£2.50 [£2.00]
Banana and Sultana£2.50 [£2.00]
Pineapple Upsidedown Pudding£3.20 [£2.80
Jamaican Rum Cake£3.50 [£3.00]


M & M's Guinness Punch£1.50 [£2.00]
M & M's Pineapple Punch£1.50 [£2.00]
M & M's Bolt Juice£2.00 [£2.50]
A Variety of Can Drinks£0.65
A Variety of Jamaican Sodas£0.80
Rubicon Mango£0.80
Tropical Rhythms£1.50
Super Malt£1.20
Bottled Water£0.80
100% Coconut Water£1.50
Dragon Stout£2.50
Red Stripe Beer£2.50
Can of Guinness£2.50
Other Beers£2.50
Herbal Tea£1.40